Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Silent scream..... Israel VS Palestine The issue that has been going between Israel and Palestine for the past 60 years is still a huge problem today. Tis issue can be view as either very complicated or simple. Basically what is going on is both Palestine and Israel want this piece of land that is call Jerusalem; it is located on the western north of Saudi Arabia, where the Jordan river is located also the dead sea. This piece of land is probably the most important land in the world, it can also be called the holy land. The origin of the main three religions in the world are from here, Christianity, Islamic, and Judiusm. Israel and Palestine both believe that God gave this piece of land to them, but in the is article I read the story goes like this. Back to the ancient time the Roman empire conquered this area and renamed it Palestine, so originally this land belong to Palestinian which can also be called the Arabs. They ruled this place over a thousand year, but soon a movement call the Zionist movement arose, the Jews or the Israeli started to move into this area and kick out the Arabs. The Arabs started to rebel, but they still could not stop the Israeli from intruding their territory. The Arabs then got help from the Germans, which was when the holocaust took place. The German killed a bunch of Jews and one reason was to stop them from going into the Palestinian area. However the holocaust did not help as much, the Israeli still manage to get that area. There are many people that are against the Palestinian or against the Israeli, so there is no really right or wrong!

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