Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Silent scream..... Israel VS Palestine The issue that has been going between Israel and Palestine for the past 60 years is still a huge problem today. Tis issue can be view as either very complicated or simple. Basically what is going on is both Palestine and Israel want this piece of land that is call Jerusalem; it is located on the western north of Saudi Arabia, where the Jordan river is located also the dead sea. This piece of land is probably the most important land in the world, it can also be called the holy land. The origin of the main three religions in the world are from here, Christianity, Islamic, and Judiusm. Israel and Palestine both believe that God gave this piece of land to them, but in the is article I read the story goes like this. Back to the ancient time the Roman empire conquered this area and renamed it Palestine, so originally this land belong to Palestinian which can also be called the Arabs. They ruled this place over a thousand year, but soon a movement call the Zionist movement arose, the Jews or the Israeli started to move into this area and kick out the Arabs. The Arabs started to rebel, but they still could not stop the Israeli from intruding their territory. The Arabs then got help from the Germans, which was when the holocaust took place. The German killed a bunch of Jews and one reason was to stop them from going into the Palestinian area. However the holocaust did not help as much, the Israeli still manage to get that area. There are many people that are against the Palestinian or against the Israeli, so there is no really right or wrong!

Sunday, 6 May 2012


Voice Charter School


This job is looking for someone that loves children, and I am that person. The school is looking for staffs that are able to take care of their kids, specially kids from kindergarden through 4th grade. The staffs have to love and nurture all of the students, also give them challenges and motivation for becoming a deeply caring and responsible individuals. In order to teach someone to be caring, loving and responsible, the person him or herself has be caring, loving and responsible, and I'm qualify for all for them. The most important thing for taking care of kids is to be patient and loving. I love kids, and i've always wanted to be a kindergarden teacher, I think children are the best creation from God. I believe that if i have this job i will be very good at it.


This internship is for dancers!! I am a dancer, and I am so passionate for dancing I will give up anything for dancing. For this internship, dancers need to have the ability to work both independently and in teams, creative and easy to work with, have dance background, good written, oral and interpersonal communications skills, also good at organizational skills, I have all them. Also the dancer need to have a strong interest in Southern Africa and learning African styles of dances as well as fusion of modern and African dance, I dream to learn and dance modern/ African dance, I am so passionate in it. I believe that if i am qualified for this internship, i will work extremely hard, and be on time for all the practice and rehearsals. 


This internship is for animal and nature lover, which is exactly what I am. This internship gives an opportunity to gain experience working with many different wildlife species and to learn skills. Interns will be working at an animal "orphanage" near Nairobi, and they will be taking care of the animals as well as cleaning cages and sterilization precedures, also food preparation and feeding methods. I will be a very hard working intern, because I love animals and nature, and i am willing to take care and clean anything, doesn't matter if it's super dirty or not, also i am a very good listener and learning, i will not complain.

Monday, 30 April 2012

TIMELINE My TIKI-TOKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

DRUG ABUSE..!!!!!! --> DEATH
1) Drug abuse is also called substance abuse or chemical abuse. It is a disorder that is characterized by a destructive pattern of using a substance that leads so severe problems and distress. Drug abuse normally leads to drug addiction, which is also called substance dependence or chemical dependency, basically you depend on a specific drug to live, without it you will go crazy or die. Dual diagnosis is a term referring to people that have both drug abuse and dependence issue, in addition to a serious mental- health problem.
2) The physical and psychological effects of drug abuse and addiction can be devastating. If a person starts taking drugs or try to stop taking it, the after effect might lead to severe depression or suicidal thoughts. Also, in terms of effects on the body, intoxication will cause sleepiness, and slowed breathing, or rapid heart rate and seizures. Drug abuse and addiction do not really have a single cause. However, there are some number of biological, psychological, and social factors called risk factors that might lead a person into developing a chemical abuse or dependency disorder. The environment that the person lives in can really effect the way he or she thinks, and it can highly lead him or her into taking drugs. The psychological effects on drugs include mood disorders like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, antisocial personality disorder and so on.
3) The effects of drugs on the brain can be vary depending on the drug that is being used. Different type of drugs effects different part of the brain. The drugs can effect your thinking ability, such as planning, organizing, and acting. The part of the brain that tend to be the most influenced will be the front part of your brain, which is also called frontal cortex or prefrontal cortex. When a person takes drug, the inhibitory functions of the brain gets damaged. Therefor, he or she may not be able to control him or herself, and might have aggressive behavior, or otherwise the brain will delay.
4) Methamphetamine which is also called Meth is a very dangerous and abusive drug. Meth is a white, odorless, bitter crystalline powder that is able to dissolve in water or alcohol easily. And people normally take orally, snorting the powder into the body through nostrils, needle injection, or smoking. Meth can be prescribed by doctors, but its uses are very limited and the doses that are prescribed are much lower than those that are use for abuse. Meth increases and blocks the neurotransmitter in human brain, which leads to a high level of chemical stored in human brain. One of the chemical that is being built inside of a brain is usually Dopamine. Dopamine's abilities include motivation, the experience of pleasure, and motor. Meth has the ability to release dopamine rapidly into parts of the brain, which causes it to produce a "rush" feeling that normally people have it after snorting or smoking or injecting it. There are many negative health consequences, such as weight loss, severe dental problems, anxiety, confusion, insomnia, mood disturbances, and violent behavior. As well as some psychotic features such as paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations, and delusions.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


History of my Grandma
My grandma is the first woman Chinese opera singer. She's one of the most famous chinese opera singer in the world. She has 9 siblings, but my grandma was adopted by another family when she was one year old, because my grandma's real family did not have enough money to raise all the children.When my grandma was 9 years old, the most famous chinese opera singers met my grandma and thought she's very talented so decided to teach her. 100 teachers teaching one student and that student is my grandma. She started performing when she was 11 years old, and went to many countries around the world to preform for kings and queens. Once a prince even asked her to marry him, but my grandma denied him and told him he's too old for her. I will be informing about her history, and why she decided to be in the career, also some hardship she had to face. Like an interview about her life, life story.

History of the Mao's last dancer
Li CunXin is one of the greatest dancer in china. He was picked to go to BeiJing Dance School when he was around 9 years old. His family is very poor, so his family encourages him to go and dance, so at least he can live a better life. During the time when he studies in the dance school, he wasn't a good dance, but one of his teacher actually inspired him and one time, famous American dancers came to Beijing dance school to exchange students, only 2 students were pick, and he's one of them. When he first went to America he was amazed by how rich America is, and how people just throw away money like throwing away rocks. After 2 months studying America he fell in love with America and did not want to go back to China, but he had to, so he escaped and was not allowed to go back to china for 8 years. I will be informing about his life.

Animal camouflage
What is going on in animal's body that they are able to camouflage, but human are not able to.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


MOUTH WASH (from Mr. Oliver)
I think everybody knows those face wash that has sand inside, and it's suppose to clean your face better. Well this idea of a mouth wash is the same as those sandy face wash. You have sandy like things inside of a mouth wash, so instead of brushing your teeth you just have swish it around in the mouth, then your teeth is all good!

Cheese scraper
Spaghetti is no longer tasty without the cheese, but how annoying is it to always have to use the cheese grater, and it doesn't just hurt your hand, it also takes a long time. So I had this idea of a cheese scraper. I don't really know how to describe it, but this cheese scraper would not hurt your hand. It kind of looks like those self charging flash light, when you squeeze the cheese it will fall.

Sunday, 18 March 2012


How do you define a good leader? For me, a leader the one who listens to people’s opinion, make good choices, and always have a positive attitude. Today, I am running for SA president, and I believe that I am a good leader. First of all, the school needs a person who is very creative and has awesome ideas for school events, and I am this person. Unlike many people who are also running for the president today, such as Angela, who only cares about her school work, and always want an A, therefore she has no creativities at all, and so she’s basically a nerd want to be (slippery slope). Anyways, students in school often have suggestions for the SA, and so we need a person who can think before they make their decisions. I am the one you are looking for, because I am a thinker, and I believe that I will do my best to fulfill what students want. I don’t think any of us want a leader who don’t think before they talk, or make judgment, because then what ever he or she says will be stupid. And here is a very good example of someone who doesn’t think before they talk, and always make judgment for something she never tried, Kristiana Hartingdon, therefore what ever she says are stupid (Non sequitur). Hence, you either vote for me, or you just don't know how to make good choices. For me, if I’m a member of group, and the leader is always so worry about everything and asks questions that are just unnecessary such as Betty Varroto I will be very annoyed, and I think many people will also feel the same way(ad Hominem). But trust me, I am not this kind of people, but rather quit relax, and just let it go type of people. When it comes to listen to people's opinion, I am the best at this. People always say, you have two ears and one mouth, therefore God creates you to listen more than talk more. So trust me FOLKS I am, a good listener, in fact a VERY good listener. I can sit and listen to people more than 1 hour, and that's why you should vote for me. You guys know how the holocaust started? By the twisting of words. So someone like Tristan can't pronounce words right, it will cause misunderstanding, and it might cause another holocaust to happen!(faulty analogy) Also if you vote for someone who just suddenly says "CHERRY BABY" such as Thomas will actually freak people out. A leader needs to have a powerful voice. Ganelle is an expert at origami, but because she's so good with her hand she can't speak.(guilt by association) A leader is always the one we look up to, but tiffany is just too short,we can't actually look up to her so she can't be a leader. So among all of the people who are running for the president, I am the most qualify person.
So the best choice for an SA president is ME, I know myself therefore I know I can do it. Also if you don't vote for me you're life will BEA miserable. (threaten)